Christina LaRocca
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LA based Soulful Singer Songwriter. Watch the official Child of the Sun music video on vevo now! (link in bio)
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Soulful singer songwriter and international touring LA based artist, Christina LaRocca, brings a blend of Americana, alternative and soul to the table.

A member of the Recording Academy, Christina switched coasts in 2014, and the now Los Angeles-based musician, found inspiration in her trek out west and influences from artists like Sheryl Crow, Lana Del Rey, Lauryn Hill and Adele. 
Raised in an Italian family in New York City, and a descendent of professional musicians, Christina grew up surrounded by musicianship and quickly developed her voice to be one that commanded a room, with a side of take no bullshit swagger. LaRocca, a mover and shaker in the music business at-large as well as being an artist, founded L Rock Entertainment and has supported the careers of hundreds of artists. She’s been seen on stage with artists such as Billie Joe (Green Day), VV Brown, Rachel Platten and many others. She has also been seen performing with the famous Café Wha Band in NYC, folk artist Ryan Martin and hip hop artists, The Higher Concept which lead her to meeting Josh Glazer of J Glaze Productions who recorded her 3rd studio record in 2011, “I Stand Tall With My Eyes Wide Open.”
Jump ahead to 2017, 3 years after Christina settles in Los Angeles, she records “Child of the Sun” and “I Am Only Human” with LA producer Robb Torres, adding a twist of Americana and alternative to her soulful sound. The 2-song EP was released on Nov 3 worldwide on all digital streaming platforms via The Orchard. Find all 4 of her commercial albums on a Spotify near you.

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