Credits & Thank Yous for “I Stand Tall With My Eyes Wide Open”


“Independent Lady”, “With You”, “Like a Cigarette (I Love Ya Baby)”, “Call Your Name”, “Memories (Don’t Let Them Fade)”, “Tonight”, “Early is the End” written by Christina LaRocca.

“Freddie”, “Silver Bullets” & “Destiny”- Lyrics & Melody by Christina LaRocca, Music by Josh Glazer

Copyright 2011, L Rock Entertainment. BMI.

I Stand Tall With My Eyes Wide Open was Engineered, Produced and Mixed by J. Glaze Productions

Additional Mixing on Tracks “Freddie”, “Independent Lady”, “Destiny”, “Like a Cigarette”, “Memories”, and “Silver Bullets” by Ari “R.E. Thuggz” Raskin

Mastered by Ari “R.E. Thuggz” Raskin at Deepwater Studios, NYC

Additional Engineering on “Silver Bullets”- Christian Reinsch

Executive Producer- Christina LaRocca

All Tracks Recorded at The House of Dreams, Staten Island, NY.

Music from “Tonight” was record at Tainted Blue Studios and engineered by Sax DMA.

Graphic Design by Valerie Berry

Photography by Shervin Lainez

Vocals & Guitar- Christina LaRocca

Trumpet- Josh Glazer

Lead Guitar on Tracks “Destiny”, “Like a Cigarette”, “Silver Bullets”- Frank Bianco

Cello on Tracks “Memories” & “Early is the End”- Wes Swing

Bass on Tracks “Independent Lady” & “Memories”- Ted Maniatakos

Rap on “Independent Lady” – Matty J of The Higher Concept

Rap on “Destiny”- The Higher Concept

“Tonight” is Carl Gallagher (guitar), Daniel Gallagher (bass), Jackson Twain (keys), Mike Sutton (drums)

Thank you, thank you, thank you:

Nothing in life is easy, and if you wait around for everything you are striving to achieve to float into your lap, you will be waiting for a long time. For those that know me well, know I work extremely hard to continue doing what I love, however I could not do any of it without the love and support of the following people.

First, I would like to thank my parents. I am truly blessed to have them in my life and I don’t think I will ever come close to repaying them for their constant encouragement and influence they have had on my life. I would like to thank long time friend, Christian Reinsch AKA Teskt of The Higher Concept, for letting me record this album in his home, The House of Dreams, and for introducing me to J Glaze.

I would also like to thank Julia LaRocca, Paul Munoz, Kat Pac, Ted Maniatakos <3, Mike McHugh, Tatiana Moroz, Dorian Lake, Carl Gallagher (& anyone that ever played a note for Heavy Weather), Dan Grigsby, Kristin Pitanza, Marissa Devito, Chris Daversa, Valerie Berry, my current band- Satchel Jones, Caitlin Gray, Sean Pokress, Jackson Twain for helping me bring this project to life, Melissa Q, Wu, Amy Eckstein, Jessica Macauda & Who is Gail Laine? for believing in me and pushing me to try harder when the road seemed uncertain.

Many, many thanks to everyone that had any part of creating this record especially Ari Raskin, and of course Josh Glazer. For two years we’ve worked on this record- every beat, every word, until it was perfect, and now it is finally finished. Without you, your creative vision, and patience, this album could have never happened.

All my love to anyone who has ever bought a CD, destructed property with one of my stickers, came out to a show. You are the best and I am blessed to have you in my life. Thank you.