Booking for Events

Christina LaRocca and her band are available for all kinds of events and parties. Not only does she write original music, but her male/female fronted 6-piece band, that she shares with her guitarist Satchel Jones, has a repertoire that consists of Motown, country, pop, urban, and rock in their own styles. They can also play as an acoustic duo as well.

Christina’s powerful vocals rock the house with songs like “Respect,” “Son of a Preacher Man,” “Rollin in the Deep,” and “Boots are Made for Walkin’” while Satchel brings on the deep, dark smooth tones and heavy guitar solos with songs like “Ring of Fire,” “Little Lion Man,” “Johnny B Goode,” and “I’ve Got a Woman.” These are only some of the 4+ hours of music this band performs on a regular basis. Their instrumentation is Christina LaRocca on lead vocal/rhythm guitar, Satchel Jones on lead guitar/vocals,  Jackson Twain on keys, and a rotating cast on bass, drums and backup vocals.

Take a look at here promo video here: